• Team member, Emily Harris-Shears
    Emily Harris-Shears
    Senior Housing Policy Specialist @ City of Missoula
    (406) 552-6394

    Emily is a Senior Housing Policy Specialist in Community Planning, Development & Innovation. She works with community partners to implement strategies to increase affordable housing solutions for Missoulians. Emily received her MSW with an emphasis in Policy, Advocacy and Community from Arizona State University.

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  • Team member, Maggie M. McCarthy
    Maggie M. McCarthy
    Permit Coordinator Supervisor @ City of Missoula

    Maggie oversees the Permits and Business Licensing Coordinators in Community Planning, Development & Innovation. She supports applicants throughout the permitting and licensing process with both direct assistance and strategic efforts to improve the community’s experience during the permitting and licensing process.

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  • ZD
    Zoning Desk
    On call planning questions @ City of Missoula, CPDI

    The Zoning Desk is available to answer any development related questions about building and permitting an ADU.

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