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  • Annexation: Linda Vista 11th, 18th, and 19th Supplements

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    The City of Missoula is reviewing two petitions from the Lloyd A. Twite Family Partnership to annex the residential subdivisions known as the Linda Vista 18th and 19th Supplements into the City limits. Concurrently, the City of Missoula is seeking to annex the seven-lot residential Linda Vista 11th Supplement. Homeowners in the Linda Vista 11th Supplement have been receiving municipal sewer services since homes were constructed on the lots in 2001 and 2002. The property owners of Linda Vista 11th Supplement waived the right to protest annexation by the City of Missoula contingent upon receipt of municipal sewer service.

    The Linda Vista 18th Supplement consists of 41 residential lots, streets, and common areas totaling 18.17 acres. Streets, sidewalks, and municipal utilities have been installed. Home construction is pending annexation and approval of building permits. This annexation includes public street segments for Miller Creek Road, Guinevere Drive, Maggie Mae Drive, and Max Drive.

    The Linda Vista 19th Supplement consists of an existing 17-building, multi-dwelling development (an apartment complex) on 15.55 acres described as Tract 3A of Certificate of Survey # 6798. Although the property and apartment buildings are requested to be annexed, the internal roadways serving the homes would remain privately maintained.

    The Linda Vista 11th Supplement final plat was approved in 2001. Each of the seven lots is developed with a home that is served by City sewer. Waiver of the right to protest annexation contingent upon the lots receiving municipal sewer is stated plainly on the final plat. Along with the lots, a segment of Joy Drive would also be annexed and maintained by the City of Missoula. The property is 2.45 acres, including 2.04 acres in lots and 0.41 acres in Joy Drive right-of-way.

    The subject properties are zoned Planned Unit Development / Miller Creek View Addition, which is not proposed to change.

    City Council is responsible for conducting a public hearing to either approve, conditionally approve, or deny this request.

    The subject property will be located in the Miller Creek Neighborhood Council if the annexation is approved.


    The annexation materials, including intakes, petitions, annexation exhibits, and final plat, can be viewed here:


    City Council: October 25, 2021 at 6:00 pm – Public Hearing

    Land Use & Planning Committee: October 27, 2021 (Time TBD) – Informational Meeting

    City Council: November 1, 2020 at 6:00 pm – Final Consideration

    All meetings will be held remotely, with more information to be posted here:


    Public comment will be taken by City Council until the public hearings are closed. Comments can be submitted through Engage Missoula, via email to the planner noted below, by mailing in a letter to the City of Missoula office at 435 Ryman Street, Missoula, MT 59802, or during the public meeting.


    The project planner is Dave DeGrandpre. He can be reached at (406) 529-0709 or

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